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Mairead uses an integrated approach to health care incorporating homoeopathy, herbal medicine, nutrition, flower essences, kinesiology, bowen therapy and lifestyle changes. She works extensively with women's health, in particular female reproductive imbalances (premenstrual syndrome, dysmenorrhoea, endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome & menopausal symptoms).

In men's health she works extensively with fertility problems and prostate imbalances. Also covered are weight loss/gain (poor diet, thyroid imbalances, fatty liver, excess oestrogen, stress), life issues (anxiety, panic attacks, chronic fatigue, alcohol related issues, stress, lack of confidence/motivation, depression).

Mairead also works with children and teenagers who have emotional and behavioral problems (ADHD, difficult/demanding behavior, bedwetting,  lack of confidence/self esteem) as well as physical problems (frequent colds and coughs, ear infections, headaches, stomach pain, lack of appetite, overweight).

Whether you have a specific health problem or a general feeling of being unwell, Mairead can help you resolve the underlying issues and improve wellbeing.

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